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Natural Gas Services

If you are interested in Natural Gas Service, please contact the Co-op as soon as possible, there are deadlines for applying in the current year.

Rural Domestic Service Cost - $10,000 + gst

Grain Dryer Service Cost - $10,000 + gst

(Currently, the Provincial Government cost shares rural domestic services up to $30,000 per service. Cost in addition to $30,000 are not funded by the government and are the responsibility of the customer)

Urban Domestic Cost Minimum - $2500.00 + gst

(Urban services are non-grantable full cost is the responsibility of the customer)

Applications for new services must be constructed in the current construction year, additional charges may apply if customers are not ready for the service before the end of the construction season.

Commercial and Industrial Services Non-Grantable: Location, Demand and Delivery are required to determine costs.

If you are interested in natural gas service, please contact our General Manager @ (780) 753-2777 Ext. 222