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Discovering Our Heritage

In 1972, rural residents wanted a cleaner more efficient means of heating for their homes and agricultural operations, the same benefit towns and cities were accustomed too. Unifarm offered to sponsor a co-op formation meeting and the Natural Gas Co-op 52 Ltd was formed.

Gas co-operatives in Alberta were made possible with the assistance of the Provincial Government. The success of our Co-op is attributed to volunteers who spent endless hours campaigning for members, obtaining right of ways from landowners and allowing access to their property to build the distribution system.

Today our Co-op has grown to 950 customers, although we are one of the smallest Co-ops in the province by customer base, we are one of the largest by sales volume. This can be attributed to the Industrial customers we are fortunate to serve throughout our franchise.

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Franchise Area/Map

Our franchised area reaches from the Saskatchewan border to the Battle River near Hardisty, Alberta and from Highway 14 to the Special Areas, covering most of the M.D. of Provost and a small portion of the M.D. of Wainwright. Included are the Hamlets of Metiskow, Ribstone, Hayter and Bodo.

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