Call Before You Dig


Before you begin digging, please call Utility Safety Partners for a locate. The Co-op is a member of Utility Safety Partners and supports their endeavours to eliminate unnecessary accidents and damages to facilities. By contacting Utility Safety Partners prior to excavating, you will reduce your risk. Please plan ahead and provide 72 hours notice (3 full working days).

Utility Safety Partners operators are trained to take your call and ensure that all information is recorded and tracked for response within 72 hours. If you hit a buried Co-op line, and you did not contact Utility Safety Partners, the Co-op has a policy to charge $500.00 for line hit where a locate was not requested. In addition to the charge, you would also be responsible for the cost of the repair and the gas lost.

Please note: Natural Gas Co-op 52 Ltd does not locate pipelines downstream of the customer meters. Following are links to locating services in our area, or visit the yellow pages for more options:

Top Shelf Line Locating
(780) 842-7804