Natural Gas Industry Award


  • Five hundred dollar ($500.00) award will be granted annually.


  • Children(natural child, legally adopted child, step or ward in legal guardianship) of Co-operative members of the Natural Gas Co-op 52 Ltd.
  • Memberships must have been in place for one full year

Acceptable Courses & Institutions

  • Admission to a diploma or apprenticeship program at any accredited post secondary institute of learning in Alberta


  • The successful applicants will have completed the course work of the last one (1) year of schooling required for admission to the post secondary institution.
  • Upon completion of required courses, applicants must be prepared to enter the education institute on a full time basis and be enrolled in a course of study leading to a diploma or certificate.
  • Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all necessary criteria for the application is received at the office of the Natural Gas Co-op 52 Ltd prior to May 31st, following the completion of the pre- requisites for admission.



  • Evaluation of the applicants will be based on a written essay that introduces themselves, their future goals and their personal interests in a field of study that would benefit the natural gas industry in Alberta
  • Applicants must provide, two (2) written letters from mentors who can provide references that emphasize the qualities that make them appropriate for this award
  • Applicants must provide proof of acceptance to the course of study they are enrolled in.



  • Winners will be selected by a committee appointed by the Natural Gas Co-op 52 Ltd Board of Directors
  • Awards will be announced at the Natural Gas Co-op 52 Ltd Annual General Meeting
  • Winners will only be entitle to receive one award in a lifetime


Obligation of Winners

  • Winners must maintain a full-time study basis to attain a diploma or certificate


  1. This application form must be received by the Natural Gas Co-op 52 Ltd no later than May 31 following completion of the entrance requirements for the chosen course of study
  2. This application must include:
    a) two references from mentors, providing they are not relatives
    b) a written essay introducing yourself and your goals
    c) proof of admission to your course of study

Natural Gas Co-op 52 Ltd
Box 177
Provost, Alberta
T0B 3S0
ATTN: Natural Gas Industry Award Committee

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