2019 Chairs Report


Another year has come and gone and I know you’re waiting for some good news from your Co-op 52 Board and Management.

One of the biggest announcements this spring was the passing of Bill 1 by the new Provincial Government – the Carbon Tax Repeal Act. It remains to be seen what the Federal Government’s response to this will be.

As previously anticipated, Natural Gas prices are low and this trend looks to continue for the upcoming year.

A supplemental by-law has been drafted which would allow our Co-op to loan money to other Co-ops. Members’ input on this matter would be greatly appreciated at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, June 18. A vote will be held.

2018-2019 has seen some changes to the office staff. Brenda has stepped down from the General Manager’s position to Assistant Manager/Financial Officer and Terence has stepped into the General Manager/Secretary Treasurer role.

Once again, I would like to extend my appreciation to the Staff and Board of Directors for all of the ways in which you help keep our Co-op running efficiently.

John Taylor,